Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In blog news

Kevin Neilson, who for the past eight months has hosted Between the Lines, a blog specializing in literary interviews, has now started his own book blog. Called Interpolations, it offers an account, among other things, of why Winesburg, Ohio is Neilson’s favorite book—he has read it, he says, eleven times. Today he lists his favorite “looped” books (I’ll let Neilson explain). Definitely something to add to your blogroll.

Meanwhile, today is the eighth birthday of Baseball Musings, the definitive baseball blog, written by my chum David Pinto. (David operates the Washington Senators franchise in my computer baseball league.) His blog has attained a level of authoritativeness that we book bloggers can only drool over. If you like blogs and have always wanted to make yourself over into a baseball geek, David’s Musings are the place to start.


R/T said...

Thanks for highlighting INTERPOLATIONS, a site that I've added to my reading list.

And good news! Baseball season is only a week or so away! Yea!

Kevin said...

Holy smokes! I was not expecting to earn a Myers' bump, not by an stretch of the imagination. Thank you kindly. Best, Kevin